Project Status: April 2002

The PhysTEC Management Team:

  • Received full support from the NSF and FIPSE
  • Received signed contracts from PPI sites
  • Hired The Momentum Group for external evaluation of project
  • Selected Hal Richtol as site visit consultant
  • Held Second Annual PhysTEC Conference, September 28-30, 2001
  • Helped Participating Institutions prepare Strategic Plans and provided feedback
  • Created PhysTEC logo
  • Launched PhysTEC Web Site
  • Produced and distributed PhysTEC brochures
  • Designed PhysTEC Database and online data input system
  • The first round of six one-day PPI site visits by has been completed. Site visit reports document significant progress at the sites
  • Set the second round of three-day site visits to the PPIs
  • Continued planning the 3rd Annual PhysTEC Conference and Workshop at Western Michigan University, June 27-29, 2002
  • Presented PhysTEC papers at AAPT meeting in Philadelphia
  • Presented PhysTEC update at APS Fellows reception in Los Angeles
  • Held a PhysTEC reception for the APS March meeting
  • Will give PhysTEC papers at the APS April meeting
  • Received the External Evaluation Blueprint from the Momentum Group