PhysTEC Videos

Addressing Physics Teacher Shortages and Changing Culture through PhysTEC

In an interview with APS TV, APS Associate Director of Education and Diversity Monica Plisch discusses the national shortage of Physics teachers and how PhysTEC can address this nationwide issue. PhysTEC Site Leader Talat Rahman addresses how PhysTEC at the University of Central Florida has helped to really reform the culture of its Physics Department to one that fosters teaching and in turn has helped to dramatically increase the amount of students studying Physics.

Teach Physics

Teach Physics is a video to excite and inspire undergraduate physics majors to pursue teaching careers.

A teacher can have an impact on dozens of young lives every day. And qualified physics teachers are in high demand almost anywhere in the country. This innovative video showcases four dynamic young teachers who will inspire students to consider a career in teaching physics.

As more and more careers require an understanding of science, and schools face a critical and growing need for qualified physics teachers, any student who might consider a career teaching physics should see this video.

Introduction to the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

The PhysTEC project has produced a video introduction to the benefits of the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, as told by two Noyce Scholars and a Noyce Program Coordinator. This inspiring two-minute video can be screened in university classrooms, department open houses, scholarship information sessions, or any other place physics majors meet.

Video Profile: Mary Lee McJimsey

This video presents an interview with Mary Lee McJimsey, a PhysTEC teacher from the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo class of 2006. McJimsey speaks about being a member of a network of PhysTEC physics teachers, the value of physics education research, and the challenges of teaching high school.

Landing Your First Physics Teaching Job

Join Marc Reif and B Lippitt, two experienced master teachers and PhysTEC project mentors as they discuss tips and suggestions for recently licensed high school physics teachers on the job market.