PhysTEC Teacher of the Year

Nominate an alum for PhysTEC Teacher of the Year
Department notifies the teacher and shares the application link starting February 1.
Department provides a letter of support to the teacher by March 25.
Teacher completes application by May 1.
PhysTEC declares winner by mid May.

Tiffany Taylor
2018 National PhysTEC Teacher of the Year
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The PhysTEC Teacher of the Year program aims to recognize outstanding physics teachers and to demonstrate the impact and value of your physics teacher preparation program as a member of PhysTEC.

As a member of PhysTEC, your institution’s Department of Physics is eligible to nominate one graduate who has at least three years of full time teaching that has included substantial physics teaching experience. From these nominees, PhysTEC will recognize up to one local Teacher of the Year per institution and a single national Teacher of the Year.

All PhysTEC institutions are encouraged to nominate a graduate for this award. Nomination of awardees may result in:

  • Recognition of excellent physics teachers and the physics teaching profession
  • Recognition of your PhysTEC institution as a producer of excellent physics teaching graduates

Submission of the nominated teacher’s application is closed. 

Eligibility: An eligible candidate must be:

  • Nominated by a PhysTEC member institution,
  • A graduate of the nominating institution, and
  • An active high school science teacher with at least three years of experience in physics teaching.

Nomination Process for Member Institution: *Note: Allow sufficient time for the nominee to complete the required form well in advance of the May 1 deadline.

  • Identify your institution’s candidates by an appropriate means.
  • Select and notify one nominee.
  • Write a letter of support detailing the nominee’s eligibility and qualifications for the award, and provide it to the nominee. Letters should be directed to PhysTEC, signed, and provided to the nominee in digital format.

Application Process for Teacher Nominee: *Note: Allow sufficient time for the nominee to complete the required form well in advance of the May 1 deadline.

  • Complete an application form which consists of the following components:
    • Nominating institution letter of support
    • School/district supervisor letter of support
    • Professional resume/CV
    • Three brief essay questions

Award Process: After nominations have been received, PhysTEC will select one national Teacher of the Year and multiple local winners (no more than one per PhysTEC institution) by mid May.

The Local and National winners will receive:

  • A certificate of recognition from PhysTEC
  • A press release and letters from PhysTEC and sent to their school and district administrators, PhysTEC institution, and other local media as requested

In addition, the National PhysTEC TotY will receive:

  • Funding to attend and be recognized at the AAPT 2019 Summer Meeting (up to $1,500) July 20 - 24, 2019 in Provo, UT
  • Funding to attend and be recognized at the PhysTEC 2020 Conference (up to $1,500) in spring 2020 at a locale TBD
  • Classroom materials grant ($1,000)

Awardees recognized by PhysTEC should become a point of pride for your institution. We strongly encourage institutions to continue to nurture their relationship with and recognition of local and national Teacher of the Year awardees. Please consider inviting your awardee to give an invited presentation at your department or an institutional event, or at a local or state section physics education meeting.

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