Applying to The 5+ Club

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are open and will close October 26, 2018.

New members to The 5+ Club are awarded every winter for the previous academic year.

Criteria for membership

  1. Applying institutions must be PhysTEC members. Not a member? Become a PhysTEC member institution.
  2. Institutions should have graduated 5 or more PhysTEC teachers within the previous academic year. The academic year is defined as beginning in the fall semester and ending in the quarter prior to the next fall semester.

How to apply

Complete The 5+ Club Teacher Reporting Template and email to

Template Part One: List of graduates, including descriptions of content knowledge and certification pathways, used to prove that these individuals meet the definition of a PhysTEC graduate.

What’s a PhysTEC Graduate?
Any student who has graduated from a PhysTEC member institution and has a major or minor in physics (or has completed equivalent coursework) AND has completed a teacher education program leading to certification.

  • Physics Content Knowledge can be through:
    • Physics major
    • Physics education major
    • Physics major equivalent
    • Physics minor
    • Physics education minor
    • Physics minor equivalent
    • Other (requires explanation).
  • Certification Pathways can be through:
    • Undergrad certification at your institution
    • Undergrad at your institution and certification elsewhere
    • Undergrad and post-bac certification at your institution
    • Undergrad elsewhere and post-bac certification at your institution
    • Other (requires explanation).

Template Part Two: Provide a summary of the physics teacher education program, including a description of efforts contributing to the large number of graduates; the summary should be suitable for the web and will be placed (subject to editing by PhysTEC staff) on the institution's webpage on