National Report Card on Physics Teacher Preparation


Number of new physics teachers educated annually

Estimated need
Majored in physics et al.

Completed program in physics education

Certified to teach physics

IHE-based Programs
Non-IHE-based Programs

State totals for numbers of new physics teachers include those prepared by IHE-based (blue) and non-IHE-based (grey) programs, reported in three different ways.* Data are averaged over three years. Estimated need calculation is described on the technical information page.

Pennsylvania Honor Roll

The 5+ Club Member Institution West Chester University of Pa 3.0 Member Institution Penn State University – University Park 2.7 Bloomsburg University of Pa 2.0 Member Institution Millersville University of Pa 1.3 Duquesne University 1.3 Kutztown University of Pa 1.3 Member Institution Clarion Univ of PA/ Main 1.0 Messiah College 1.0 Member Institution East Stroudsburg Univ of Pa 0.7 Member Institution Indiana Univ of PA/ Main 0.7 Member Institution Juniata College 0.7 Member Institution Saint Joseph's University 0.7 Member Institution Slippery Rock University of Pa 0.7 Ursinus College 0.7 Villanova University 0.7 Member Institution California University of Pa 0.3 Member Institution Grove City College 0.3 Member Institution University of Pgh/ Main 0.3 Arcadia University 0.3 Dickinson College 0.3 Lycoming College 0.3 Saint Vincent College 0.3 Shippensburg University of Pa 0.3 Susquehanna University 0.3 University of Pennsylvania 0.3 University of Scranton 0.3 Westminster College PA 0.3
List of active programs preparing new physics teachers in the state. The average number of physics teachers prepared annually is determined by the number of relevant majors who completed a program of teacher education in the last three years.* Click on an institution's name to see more detail.
The following institutions are Supported SiteSupported Sites, Member InstitutionMember Institutions, The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Sites, and The 5+ Club Member InstitutionThe 5+ Club Member Institutions.

*Students counted are those who completed a secondary teacher education program and:

  1. who majored in physics, astronomy/astrophysics, or physics education (as reported for Title II by the institution). In the first chart above, these are represented by the bar labeled "Majored in physics et al." Note that according to the American Institute for Physics, for every 100 physics teachers with a major in physics or physics education, another 28 had a minor.
  2. who completed a program designed to meet state requirements for certification to teach physics (as reported for Title II by the institution). In the first chart above, these are represented by the bar labeled "Completed program in physics education."
  3. who were certified by the state of Pennsylvania to teach secondary physics (as reported for Title II by the state). In the first chart above, these are represented by the bar labeled "Certified to teach physics."

Note that the same students may be counted by more than one method. Unless otherwise noted, all charts on this page use the first method for counting physics teachers prepared. See the technical information page for more information.