Teaching Physics Modules

The Teaching Physics Modules were designed to help pre-service physics teachers in their preparation to be effective in the classroom. The modules focus on several crucial aspects of classroom instruction with the purpose of improving student learning, motivation, and confidence. At the same time they will show how to make Next Generation Science Standards' science practices and crosscutting concepts integral parts of learning physics. The modules are grouped around three themes:

  • Multiple Representations (designed by E. Etkina, G. Planinsic, and A. Van Heuvelen)
  • Planning instructional elements (designed by E. Etkina)
  • Experiments in physics instruction (designed E. Etkina, and G. Planinsic)

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Pre-service teachers will learn how to plan their instruction, what productive representations their students can use to assist them in bridging phenomena, words and mathematics, and how to make learning of physics resemble the practice of physics through an innovative use of experiments in the classroom.

Instructors can implement modules into their pre-service physics teacher preparation program in many ways. They can choose to use one or two themes or all three themes (each theme can be considered equivalent to a 1-credit course). They can include modules as part of an existing science methods course or offer them as a stand alone elective courses or as an independent study courses.

The materials are available to instructors under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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Theme 1 - Multiple Representations

  • Module 1 - Multiple Representations - Kinematics
  • Module 2 - Multiple Representations - Dynamics
  • Module 3 - Multiple Representations - Momentum and Energy

Theme 2 - Planning instructional elements

  • Module 4 - How to plan your students' learning?

Theme 3 - Experiments in physics instruction

  • Module 5 - Reconceptualizing the role of experiments in learning physics