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Name: Mechanics Modeling Workshop (Indiana teachers)
School/Institution: North High School
Department/Unit: Science. 15331 Highway 41 N.
City: Evansville
State: IN
Opportunity Type: Modeling Workshop
Teacher Status: Inservice
Teacher Level: High School
Description: Grant-funded, in partnership with Notre Dame University. Priority to Evansville teachers of physics, chemistry, biology, math, and ICP. Second priority is Indiana high school teachers of these subjects. If space is available, open to non-Indiana high school teachers. Maximum 30 participants.

Mechanics workshop peer leader: Michael Kelley. Michael took a Mechanics Modeling Workshop at Arizona State University.

The workshop builds on success of the Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative (NISMEC), headed by Dr. Gordon Berry. "NISMEC has seen great success with it.  It's student-centered instruction that takes a scientific approach to teaching science for maximum student engagement, integration of math and collaboration (team work), and maximizes student retention of content."

The first 3 days will be whole-group information on common practices in Modeling Instruction.  Dr. Berry has other trainers in Biology, Chemistry, and Math who will be here to lead those content areas. Dr. Berry suggests that ICP teachers sign up for their content area of choice.

[Feb. 2017: until the AMTA knows who the peer leaders are, of sciences other than physics, we cannot say whether they have had sufficient training to meet AMTA standards for depth of understanding of Modeling Instruction.]

Click here to learn more about the Modeling Instruction Program and the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) or visit to find information on Modeling Workshops nationwide and strategies to seek funding (if needed) to participate.
Start Date: 07/10/2017
End Date: 07/21/2017
Duration: 2 weeks (MTWThF, 8am to 3pm)
Application Deadline: 05/16/2017
until filled
Opportunity Website:
Application Link:
Sponsor Link:

Benefits and Requirements

Cost: Free for Indiana teachers; to be determined for non-Indiana teachers
Benefits: Stipend
Professional Development/CEU
Benefit Explanation: Evansville teachers will receive a stipend of $120 each day.
Other Prerequisites: Priority to Indiana high school science teachers.

Two semesters of college courses in the respective science.

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Gordon Berry, Ph.D.
Department of Physics, Notre Dame University
South Bend, IN 46556