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Name: e&m Modeling Workshop at ASU
School/Institution: Arizona State University
Department/Unit: Physics
City: Tempe
State: AZ
Opportunity Type: Modeling Workshop
Teacher Status: Preservice
Teacher Level: High School
Description: This workshop is open to teachers worldwide who have taken a 3-week Modeling Workshop in mechanics.

Peer leader: Michael Crofton. Michael has led many Modeling Workshops at ASU, and also in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, New York City, Dallas, and Singapore.
Location: Bateman Physical Sciences Center on the ASU Tempe campus
     8am to 3:30pm MTWTh, 8am to noon F
course title: PHS 531: Methods of Teaching Physics II

The workshop borrows extensively from work of Bruce Sherwood and Ruth Chabay. There are 3 units in electricity: Charge and Field, Potential, and Circuits. The circuit unit is unique at high school level, as it leads students through surface charge as the mechanism for setting up different strength fields in conductors of circuits. The magnetism unit begins by investigating the field of a current-bearing wire, then fields of permanent magnets, then force on a particle in a field, then force on a current-bearing wire in a field, and then electromagnetic induction and Faraday's Law.

For questions, please e-mail Jane Jackson:

Click here to learn more about the Modeling Instruction Program or visit to find information on ASU Modeling Workshops and to view possible strategies on how to gain funding to attend. Click here to learn more about the American Modeling Teachers Association  and other Modeling Workshops nationwide.
Start Date: 06/05/2017
End Date: 06/23/2017
Duration: 3 weeks (MTWThF)
Application Deadline: 05/15/2017
Opportunity Website:
Application Link:
Sponsor Link:

Benefits and Requirements

Cost: In Feb., ASU tuition is posted at
Benefits: Professional Development/CEU
College Transcript Credit
Benefit Explanation: 3 graduate credits optional. (ASU charges a late fee of $50 for applications after May 10 or so, and a another late fee of $50 for course registrations after May 28.) Students born after 1956 must have proof of MMR immunity on file at the ASU Student Health Center before registering for a course.

Arizona teachers can apply for partial tuition scholarships. Contact Jane Jackson for details.

Out-of-state teachers for whom ASU tuition is a financial hardship are asked to contact Jane Jackson:

Low-cost housing can be arranged (private room, shared bath in furnished apartment): expected ~$32/day. Beautiful low-cost family housing is available in upscale Scottsdale, 7 miles north of campus. Contact Jane Jackson.

Sky Harbor Airport is 5 minutes from the ASU campus: convenient!
Other Prerequisites: A Modeling Workshop in mechanics.

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Jane Jackson
Department of Physics, Arizona State University
Box 871504
Tempe, AZ 85287-1504
Phone: 480-965-8438