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Name: Research Experience for Teachers
School/Institution: University of Southern Mississippi
City: Hattiesburg
State: MS
Opportunity Type: RET
Teacher Status: Inservice
Teacher Level: High School
Description: The University of Southern Mississippi offers a Research Experience for Teachers (RET), which is a six-week program of laboratory research combined with curriculum-development for high school science classes. Teachers are involved in design of experiments, conducting experiments in the PI's laboratory, analysis and interpretation of data. Teachers completing the program present their research findings at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences annual meeting. Additionally, teachers develop teaching materials and laboratory activities for their high school science curriculum.  Specific areas of interest are self-assembling amphipathic proteins secreted by fungi, which are "smart" materials and are able to assemble from aqueous solution onto hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces, form a membrane that binds tightly to the surface, and alter the nature of the surface. Significant biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other applications can be envisioned for these proteins or synthetic materials modeled. Teachers will be involved in developing improved methods for growth, isolation and characterization of these biopolymers. A typical day is developing and completing laboratory experiments with graduate and undergraduate students.
Duration: 6 weeks
Application Deadline: 03/07/2009
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Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Kimberly Wingo
The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive #10076
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
Phone: (601) 266-6849
Fax: (601) 266-5635