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Name: Modeling Workshop at ASU: Physical Science with Math (force, motion, intro chem)
School/Institution: Arizona State University
Department/Unit: Physics
City: Tempe
State: AZ
Opportunity Type: Modeling Workshop
Teacher Status: Preservice
Teacher Level: Middle School
High School
Description: For teachers nationwide.

The Modeling Workshop in Physical Science II is an intensive 3-week course that focuses on force, motion, and introductory chemistry. It has these goals:
1. educate teachers in use of a model-centered, guided inquiry method of teaching high school & 8th grade physical science,
2. help participants integrate computer courseware effectively into the physical science curriculum,
3. help teachers make better use of national resources for physical science education,
4. establish electronic network support among participants,
5. strengthen local institutional support for participants as school leaders in disseminating standards-based reform in science education.

This course, PHS 594/PHY 494, provides a deep understanding of standards-based content in 8th and 9th grade physical science and mathematics. To exemplify effective instruction, the course is taught using a robust pedagogy, Modeling Instruction.

The main objective of this summer Modeling Workshop is to acquaint teachers with all aspects of Modeling Instruction and develop some skill in implementing it. To that end, teachers are provided with a fairly complete set of written curriculum materials to support instruction organized into coherent modeling cycles (as described in Wells et al., 1995). The physical materials and experiments are simple and quite standard, already available in any reasonably equipped physical science classroom. Participants work through activities alternately in roles of student or teacher.

Modeling Instruction aligns with the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Standards, including all eight science practices. Mathematics instruction is integrated seamlessly throughout the entire course by an emphasis on mathematical modeling; and it aligns with Common Core Math Standards.
Teachers learn to guide students unobtrusively through each modeling cycle, with an eye to improving the quality of student discourse by insisting on accurate use of scientific terms, on clarity and cogency of expressed ideas and arguments. After a few cycles, students know how to proceed with an investigation without prompting from the teacher. The main job of the teacher is then to supply them with more powerful modeling tools. Lecturing is restricted to scaffolding new concepts and principles on a need basis.

Throughout the course, teachers are asked to reflect on their practice and how they might apply techniques they learn in the course to their own classes.

Peer leaders: Patricia Burr and Lee Rodgers
Location: ASU Bateman Physical Sciences Center, Tempe
    8:30am to 1pm MTWThF.  Room PS-H 366
Course title is PHS 594: Physical Science with Math Modeling Workshop II

For questions, please e-mail Jane Jackson:

Click here to learn more about the Modeling Instruction Program or visit to find information on these workshops and to view possible strategies on how to gain funding to attend.
Start Date: 06/11/2012
End Date: 06/29/2012
Duration: 3 weeks (MTWThF)
Application Deadline: 06/01/2012
Opportunity Website:
Application Link:
Sponsor Link:

Benefits and Requirements

Cost: ASU tuition is posted at
Benefits: Professional Development/CEU
College Transcript Credit
Benefit Explanation: 3 graduate credits optional.

The ASU application fee is $70. (ASU charges a late fee of $50 for applications after May 12, and a another late fee of $50 for course registrations after May 25.) Students born after 1956 must have proof of MMR immunity on file at the ASU Student Health Center before registering for a course.

Arizona teachers can apply for partial tuition scholarships. Contact Jane Jackson for details.

NEW, AS OF APRIL 28: TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS for teachers who might not otherwise be able to attend the program. Up to 30 (thirty) scholarships of $1,500 each to out-of-state teachers, and up to 5 (five) scholarships of $3,000 each to out-of-state teachers from Title 1 schools. These scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships. Applications must be submitted by May 11, 2012.  Reply to for an application form. Scholarship recipients must
*  be U.S. citizens,
*  expect to be assigned at least one section of high school physics in the next school year,
*  apply to ASU as non-degree graduate student (May 12 deadline to avoid $50 late fee),
*  take the ASU Modeling Workshop in mechanics, physical science with math, or electricity & magnetism for credit. All 3 workshop courses are offered June 11-29 at the ASU - Tempe campus.  

Low-cost housing can be arranged (private room, private bath in furnished apartment): expected ~$25/day. Contact Jane Jackson.
Other Prerequisites: Prerequisite: 2 semesters of college physical sciences. This workshop is for
*  teachers of high school & 8th grade physical/integrated science or 9th grade physics,  
*  those who intend to begin teaching physical/integrated science or 9th grade physics in 2012-13,  
*  teachers in the ASU MNS degree program with concentration in physics.

Preferable but not required to take before this course is PHS 534: Methods of Physical Science Teaching, which focuses on matter and energy. Participants who did not take PHS 534 may be asked to supplement this course with after-class instruction in the first week, on teaching measurement and graphing skills & interpretation.

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Jane Jackson
Department of Physics, Arizona State University
Box 871504
Tempe, AZ 85287-1504
Phone: 480-965-8438