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Name: Physical science with math Modeling Workshop II
School/Institution: Fort Hays State University
Department/Unit: Physics
City: Hays
State: KS
Opportunity Type: Modeling Workshop
Teacher Status: Inservice
Teacher Level: Middle School
Description: Funding from the Kansas Board of Regents "Improving Teacher Quality" Program (ESEA Title IIA) in 2013.

Fort Hays State University will offer a one-week summer workshop in physical science with math modeling for returning middle school  teachers in Kansas.

Peer leader: Earl Legleiter

Participants are exposed to Modeling as a systematic approach to the design of curriculum and instruction. The workshop includes results of science education research, best practices in middle school science teaching, options in technology, and experience in collaborative learning.

Why Modeling Instruction? Extensive research supports the effectiveness of the Modeling approach in enhancing student learning. Based on a comparison of traditional high school instruction, Modeling high school students score an average of about 1.5 standard deviations higher on assessments of conceptual understanding of physics.

Workshop Goals include:
• Improve instructional pedagogy by implementing research-based instructional strategies, inquiry methods, critical and creative thinking, cooperative learning, use of standardized evaluation instruments, and effective use of classroom technology in instruction.
• Deepen content understanding in physical science by using multiple representational tools for constructing scientific models.
• Learn effective pedagogical strategies from veteran educators who model these strategies throughout the workshop.
• Participate in an on-going collaboration among partners through a state-wide professional learning community of modeling teachers.
• Enhance/improve science curriculum in your school district.

Click here to learn more about the Modeling Instruction Program and the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) or visit to find information on Modeling Workshops nationwide and strategies to seek funding (if needed) to participate.
Start Date: 06/03/2013
End Date: 06/07/2013
Duration: Follow-up meetings in school year; some online.
Application Deadline: 05/01/2013
Opportunity Website:
Application Link: forthcoming
Sponsor Link:

Benefits and Requirements

Cost: Free for Kansas teachers. Out-of-state teachers can attend at own cost if space is available.
Benefits: Stipend
College Transcript Credit
Benefit Explanation: Support for Kansas-state teacher participants:
• Technology package for your classroom
• Scholarship towards three (3) hours graduate credit
• Daily stipend
• FREE Dormitory Housing/FREE Parking
• Funds provided to attend KATS
• Academic year support

Out-of-state participants have associated costs for some benefits above.  Please contact Paul Adams for additional information.
Other Prerequisites: A prior Modeling Workshop in physical science, of at least 2 weeks duration.

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Earl Legleiter, Paul Adams
Hays, KS 67601
Phone: 720-482-8695 (E Legleiter); 785-628-4538 (P Adams)