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Name: Science Teacher and Researcher (STAR)
School/Institution: SETI Institute
City: Mountain View
State: CA
Opportunity Type: Other Opportunity
Teacher Status: Preservice
Teacher Level: Middle School
High School
Description: The California State University in partnership with Department of Energy national research laboratories and the NASA Ames Research Center is announcing the 2011 Science Teacher and Researcher (STAR) aspiring and early career science teacher summer research program.

The SETI Institute, a non-profit private scientific research institution located in California's Silicon Valley, invites you to apply for a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program for highly motivated students interested in astrobiology research. Students will work with scientists at the SETI Institute or at the nearby NASA Ames Research Center on projects spanning the field of astrobiology from microbiology to observational astronomy.

Students will also participate in local field trips to places like the California Academy of Sciences and other nearby locations of scientific interest, and attend seminars, lectures, and discussions on astrobiology. At the end of the summer project presentations are given.

Three main research areas will be emphasized, with projects including:

    * Biochemistry and the Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth
          o Biologically accessible carbon
          o UV resistant microbes
    * Planetary Science and the Search for Life in the Solar System
          o Europa geology
          o Mars geomorphology and spectroscopy
    * Astronomy and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
          o Meteor showers and their parent comets
          o SETI and radio astronomy
Start Date: 06/13/2011
End Date: 08/12/2011
Duration: Note: The actual dates of the program differ at each lab site, but generally the program runs from mid June to mid August. Note: the full 9-10 week commitment is required at each site.
Application Deadline: 01/31/2011
Opportunity Website:
Application Link:
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Benefits and Requirements

Benefits: Stipend
Benefit Explanation: STAR Fellows receive a $500/wk stipend for their participation in the summer research experience. Housing stipends for participants who need to relocate for the summer may also be provided by the STAR program.
Citizenship Requirement: U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Legal Resident
Other Prerequisites: STAR applicants must fit one of the following affiliation qualifications: 1) CSU undergraduate, credential or graduate student in a science, engineering or mathematics field of study with an interest in pursuing a middle or high school science teaching career, 2) a Noyce Scholar from any institution in California, Colorado, or Washington at the undergraduate, credential or graduate level in a science, engineering or mathematics field of study, or 3) a STAR Fellow alum who is in the first three years of teaching.

Additionally, applicants must:
# have an interest in becoming a science or math teacher at the secondary level (grades 6-12).
# be a science, engineering or mathematics major.
# be at least junior standing with strong science and mathematics course background.
# have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Pamela Harman
Phone: (650) 969-4523