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Name: Pre-Service Teacher Internship
School/Institution: Argonne International Laboratory
City: Argonne
State: IL
Opportunity Type: DOE Laboratory
Teacher Status: Preservice
Teacher Level: Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Description: The purpose of the Preservice Teacher Program is to give future science, math, and technology teachers experience and understanding of the research process, i.e., to work closely with a staff scientist on a real project. A formal scientific paper is required on some element of this research at the end of the ten-week period. Both "bench" and library research are major requirements of the research paper. A formal powerpoint presentation will be required of each participant during the last week of the appointment.

Another major goal of the program is to transfer this experience into a useable lesson plan or idea journal for teaching at a particular grade level. Elements of inquiry-centered learning and best practice will be interwoven into the weekly experiences and serve as a broad foundation for this development. Argonne's master teacher, Nancy Nega, will be working very closely with participants and supporting them in both group and one-to-one sessions. Each year the program has received many positive testimonials and high ratings from participants due in part to the master teachers's mentoring efforts!
Start Date: 05/26/2010
End Date: 07/30/2010
Application Deadline: 02/01/2010
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Benefits and Requirements

Benefits: Stipend
Travel Reimbursement
Benefit Explanation: $400 stipend per week
Citizenship Requirement: U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Legal Resident
Other Prerequisites: Students are recruited from all U.S. undergraduate institutions and must:(a) currently be enrolled full-time as an educational major and as a sophomore, junior, or senior; (b) be 18 years or older at the start of the program; (c) be eligible to work in the United States and hence be required to provide required information upon acceptance to this program; (d) have a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale; (e) be enrolled in an accredited K-12 education program and be committed to teach professionally after graduation; (f) have health insurance.

Prospective graduates may apply if they do not expect to begin professional teaching before the summer session concludes.

See the full eligibility requirements.

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Lou Harnisch
Argonne, IL 60439-4803
Phone: 630-252-6925