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Name: Summer Research Program for Science Teachers
School/Institution: Columbia University
City: New York
State: NY
Opportunity Type: RET
Teacher Status: Inservice
Teacher Level: Middle School
High School
Description: Teachers participate in the Program for two consecutive summers as members of research teams led by Columbia University faculty. Through the summer of 2003, 128 high school, 19 middle school and two science staff developers have participated in the Program. They report that their experiences have engaged them intellectually, provided them with new avenues for personal and professional growth, increased their appreciation of the process of scientific discovery, and enhanced their ability to communicate the excitement of science to their students and fellow teachers. Teachers report that these experiences have revitalized their science teaching by encouraging them to increase laboratory-based constructivist learning in their classrooms. They have given them insight into the personal qualities and technical skills needed to work as a laboratory technician, graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, and senior scientist, thereby aiding them in providing guidance and encouragement to students. Participating teachers are expected to share their research experiences and new skills with their students and fellow teachers. The Program's ongoing analysis of the effects of teacher participation on student outcomes shows that students of participating teachers demonstrate an increased interest and performance in science.
Duration: 2 consecutive summers
Application Deadline: 01/31/2008
Opportunity Website:

Benefits and Requirements

Benefits: Stipend
Benefit Explanation: $6000 stipend for each of the two summers; $1000 for classroom supplies; modem/network card for his/her hs; 2 yr. subsciption to AOL

Professional Development Opportunity Contact Information

Contact: Jay Dubner, Program Coordinator
630 W. 168 Street
Room 11-444
New York, NY 10032
Phone: 212-305-6899
Fax: 212-305-5775