PhysTEC Noyce Scholarship: High-Need

A high-need school is defined very broadly for the PhysTEC Noyce Scholarship program. A high-need school is any school in a district that has at least one school with a high fraction of students eligible for free or reduced lunch, a high teacher attrition rate, or a high rate of out-of-field teachers. In general we will use the definitions used by the NSF in the past, which are that a school must have 50% of students eligible for free or reduced lunch, a 15% teacher attrition rate over the past three years, or a 34% out-of-field teaching rate. However, exceptions can be made to these benchmarks on a case-by-case basis, by petition.

The following table shows some high-need districts in the vicinity of the six PhysTEC Noyce sites. For other examples of eligible districts, please speak with your local contact person.

Site High-need Districts
Arkansas Fayetteville Sprindale Rogers Fort Smith
Ball State Muncie Community Marion Community Richmond Community Indianapolis
Cornell Rochester Utica Syracuse Romulus
North Carolina Charlotte-Mecklenburg Wake County Asheville  
Seattle Pacific Seattle Tacoma Bellevue  
Western Michigan Kalamazoo Battle Creek Benton Harbor