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Selman Hershfield
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Faculty in Physics and other STEM departments and in the College of Education are participating in:

* UF Teach a replication of the UT Teach program at the University of Texas.  (

* Florida PROMiSE.  This is a statewide program to teach science content to existing K-12 teachers, primarily middle school teachers.  Because of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) in science and math, many teachers are required to teach material for which they do not presently have the background.  Selman Hershfield and Mark Meisel have taught Physics to primarily middle school teachers for two summers, reaching approximately 150 teachers.  As part of the NGSSS some Physics is taught at every grade level.  (

* NSF MSP grant in College of Education.  This a partnership between the UF College of Education, science departments at UF, and local schools.  As part of this program Profs. Selman Hershfield and Mark Meisel (Physics) and Prof. Ronald Castellano (Chemistry) designed and taught a new physical science class (Physics and Chemistry) to be taken by local teachers and college of education students. (