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Primary Physics Department Initiatives

1. Robert Noyce Scholarships for Teaching Minors

In Fall 2010, UTEP received a $1.2 million NSF Noyce grant to prepare high school teachers in mathematics and science.  As the PI is in Physics (Eric Hagedorn), there is a strong emphasis on providing more physics teachers to the local school districts.  The model in place at UTEP provides unique programmatic support during the Scholars' Junior and Senior years, as well as the $10k per year scholarship.  The program emphasizes inquiry approaches and integrating mathematics and science in an intentional, collaborative manner.  The unique mentoring support provided by the cooperating school districts (EPISD and YISD) begins while the Scholars are Juniors and persists through the successful graduates' induction years.  Also unique is the commitment of the districts to place our Scholars in pairs or larger groups at the same schools, when hired.

2. Physical Science for Elementary/Middle Teachers

Physics faculty have taught Physical Science for Preservice Elementary/Middle School teachers for the past ten years using AAPT's Powerful Ideas in Physical Science curriculum.  This arrangement arrived at in collaboration with Teacher Education  involves providing two, 3 credit hour courses in a mixed lecture/lab format.