The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo: Early Teaching Experience


  • We developed and taught a new early field experience course called Exploring Teaching. The course was taught in the spring of 2007, so we have not been able to evaluate the effect of this course yet.


  • There were significant challenges in coordinating the teaching experiences in the public schools. There were changes in schedules when we showed up or teachers changed their minds. I think only a TIR with connections in the schools could have pulled it off.

Sustainability/Institutional Buy-In

  • This is a low enrollment course and needs to be to be effective. It will be difficult to sustain this course in the short term as the number of TIRs in our department fluctuates; however, in the long run, when our program develops, this course will become a valuable way to let students experience what teaching is about.

Lessons Learned

  • The cost was minimal. The students used kits that have a one-time cost to assemble and then some minor materials costs each time.

Activity Summary

  • One TIR developed and taught an early field experience variety of experiences teaching: 2 in college labs, 2 at a Junior High and 2 in a high school. After teaching the students met with the TIR to assess their experience.