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Dr Daniel Marble

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We offer a BS in Physics with Physical Science Teacher Certification for students interested in teaching physics and chemistry and a relatively new BS in Physics with Dual Math/Physics Teacher Certification. We are presently working withe the Department of Mathematics and the College of Education to increase the number of students pursuing either a BS in Physics or a BS in Math with Dual Math/Physics teaching certification to meet the shortage of trained physics teachers in the rural area Southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth.  

All four of our physics faculty are involved in science teacher preparation and K-12 science education efforts.

Dr. Marble previously worked as President of the Texas Section of AAPT with other officers to push for 4 years of science in Texas High Schools including making physics part of the Recommended High School Plan. He served on a five person panel with Dr. Jill Marshall of UT to draft the new Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS) for high school physics and been involved with the Physics Teacher Certification tests on several occasions. He also does in-service training of high school, junior high, and elementary teachers in inquiry based teaching including serving as the physics content person at the Texas Center for Inquiry which is a collaboration between the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Prior to coming to Tarleton, Dr. Goderya worked with Dr. Carl Wenning at Illinoise State University on Teacher Education. Dr. Goderya is presently director of Astronomy Outreach including overseeing Tarleton's Observatory and Planetarium. He works with fellow astronomer Dr. Michael Hibbs providing in-service training activities to nearby rural high school teachers, public science outreach (Science Olympiads, Star Parties, etc.) as well as working with high school teachers and students on astronomy research projects.

Dr. Jimmy McCoy has served in a variety of capacities on state teacher education committees including the initial committees to add engineering to the high school curriculum and the committee to draft the requirements for engineering teacher certification.

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  • Texas Physics Consortium
    Tarleton is a founding member of the Texas Physics Consortium which is one of the largest producers of undergraduate physics graduates in Texas.