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Berry currently offers two different majors in physics: one intended to prepare students for graduate study in physics, the other a more flexible major that is well suited to students intending to teach high school physics.  Berry also offers a dual major in secondary education.  The combination of a physics major and dual major in secondary education allows students to be certified to teach high school physics in the state of Georgia.

We are in the initial phases of an effort to recruit and graduate more high school physics teachers.  We have established a new scholarship for students majoring in physics and secondary education.  Along with other mathematics and natural science faculty, we are applying for grant funding to enhance our preparation of high school math/science teachers.  We graduated our first certified physics teacher in Spring 2014 and she immediately found a job at a public school in Northwest Georgia!

In the longer term, we are particularly interested in exploring the role of small liberal arts colleges in producing highly-trained physics teachers.  While we may never be able to match the numbers of teachers produced by the larger universities, we also know that graduating even a few physics teachers each year would represent a significant step forward in providing the physics teachers needed in the state of Georgia.

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