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University of Minnesota project leaders are active participants in Physics Force, a highly successful physics road show developed at the university, and are the driving force behind a unique program for minority students and their parents called Parents and Children Experiencing Science (PACES). Site leaders have used these programs to promote teaching physics as a rewarding career, both to Minnesota undergraduates and to middle and high school students. In addition, they have developed a novel interpretation of the Learning Assistant program in which Learning Assistants work with small teams during lecture classes. With one of the largest undergraduate student bodies in the U.S., Minnesota has tremendous potential to recruit and prepare significant numbers of teachers.

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Site Leaders

Cindy Cattell Cindy Cattell
Leon Hsu Leon Hsu


Nancy Bresnahan (2007-2008) Nancy Bresnahan (2007-2008)
Jon Anderson (2008-2009) Jon Anderson (2008-2009)
Steve Olsen (2009-2010) Steve Olsen (2009-2010)
Steve Brehmer (2010-2015) Steve Brehmer (2010-2015)