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Since our department has decided to be a member of the Coalition, we will get experience and sharing from other schools so as to take more concrete steps to direct promising undergraduates to the teacher preparation pipeline.

Our faculty is very willing to infuse active teaching and interactive learning strategies in their instruction as the effort is currently being made across St. John's campus by the Center of Teaching and Learning. The concept is not strange to us. We will have seminars among faculty members to exchange our success and failure stories on applying different methods. We will also invite students to the seminars to share their perspectives as subject to these non-traditional didactic instructions.

Some of our exceptional students have already served at the school tutoring center to help junior students on homework and course materials. The Learning Assistants component on the PhysTEC website certainly can help us to extend the teacher preparation to beyond a tutoring center. We can make the identified teacher students to become student teachers. They not only will help at the tutoring center, they will also help in the classroom. Their help will be much welcome by our faculty and valuable practice for themselves.

We are also interested in a Teacher-In-Residence program. I am sure the Master Teachers will bring new ideas to the department and induce a serious feeling among the student body that we are committed to help them become teachers.