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UC is well positioned to significantly increase the number of highly qualified physics teachers in Ohio, and the PhysTEC project is the catalyst that is transforming the physics department to more fully engage in teacher preparation. The Physics Department is particularly well positioned to make major gains in preparing teachers. Several existing initiatives provide a foundation for which the PhysTEC project can build including substantial efforts in improving student learning and retention in our introductory physics sequence, the beginning of a learning assistant program, and a long history of offering professional development to in-service teachers.

UC was awarded a Robert Noyce Scholarship grant as well as Woodrow Wilson Fellowship funding, both of which will serve as recruitment mechanisms under this project. UC is also fortunate that UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services house the STEM Fusion Center, which is a center of excellence for STEM research and program development. Together with UC's strong partnerships with high need school districts in the Greater Cincinnati area as well as strong collaborations with business partners through organizations such as the Ohio STEM Learning Network and the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative, UC provides an especially strong foundation on which to create and disseminate a national model for high quality teacher preparation.

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