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Current: professional development for HS teachers, an annual event on President's Day. Participation in recruiting efforts for students to become HS teachers (I-teach). Participation in summer research opportunities for teachers.

Planned: week long professional development focusing on rural physics teachers

As part of our university's land-grant mission our department is committed to helping educate new physics teachers as well as supporting and retaining existing teachers. Our current efforts include teaching a few junior level courses on methods to be used in high school physics labs, as well as running a day-long professional development session on active learning in the high school classroom. Both of these are in collaboration with the education department here on campus. We have plans to extend these efforts to a week-long professional development summer session and to increase our recruitment efforts of new teachers. In particular we are working to increase the enrollment in a 1 credit seminar session for science and engineering majors to explore the career of high school teaching.

Long term, it is important for our department to build strong partnerships with high schools in Iowa and we are excited to join the coalition as we begin to increase our work in this area.