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Bob Riggs
Libby Stoddard

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UMKC's Physics department Physics Education Research Group (Drs. Stoddard and Wrobel, and Mr. Riggs) has emphases in physics education and science outreach.  Their beliefs regarding science and the role of scientists in education are in accord with the design and philosophy of the AAAS Project 2061 and subsequent initiatives including the creation national standards and the emphasis on inquiry in K-12 science education.  As such, they have been committed to developing in-service and pre-service teachers in these education methods, especially in the urban education environment where poor STEM achievement is linked to lower income potential, trapping children and our community in a cycle of poverty.  As scientists, it is their belief that, while staying active at the cutting edge of their physics fields is critical, spending their time increasing the number of students who will have the abilities and opportunities to do physics is equally critical to advancing physics.