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The purpose of this project is to establish a robust pipeline of Physics majors that become high school Physics teachers. We will center this effort on two major components: the recruitment of interested high school students, existing physics majors and majors in related fields; and the development of a supportive structure for students interested in teaching to gain teaching experiences during their undergraduate years. A key component is the inclusion of a part-time Teacher in Residence (TIR), a local high school teacher who will contribute first-hand knowledge and community connections. We will employ both proven and new strategies in increasing recruitment by first building connections with area high school and community college physics instructors at an annual department hosted event. Through these partnerships we will develop materials and a classroom presentation to use in the high schools to encourage student interest. We will leverage our existing Seawolf Day activities with an additional teacher-track component and expanded invitations to area physics classes. For existing undergraduates we will generate and support their interest in teaching by increasing our use of the Supplemental Instructor, tutoring, and special studies resources to give authentic teaching experiences. With the assistance of the TIR, undergraduate meetings in support of these students will present innovative pedagogy in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. Within the ecosystem of our existing programs, such as Noyce, MESA, S3, and SHIP this recruiting effort will build and assess a sustainable model of preparing more physics teachers at Sonoma State University.

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