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SUNY Cortland currently offers two undergraduate and three graduate degrees in physics adolescence education.  At the undergraduate level we offer degrees in physics and physics/math education leading to initial certification at the high school level.  At the graduate level we offer MSEd degrees in both physics and physics/math education as well as an MAT program in physics education.  SUNY Cortland is currently one of the 345 signatories of the Joint Statement on the Education of Future Teachers.  Over the past ten years our Physics Department has graduated a total of 20 undergraduate students in our teacher education programs in addition to 19 Masters students.  Given the significant need regionally and nationally for highly qualified physics teachers and  the fact that physics remains one of the few scientific fields in which women still lag significantly behind men in high school enrollments, we are seeking to develop an integrated multi-pronged approach to improving the recruitment and retention of female physics and physical science teachers.  The proposed activities entitled WISE (Women in Science Education) -- Enhancing the Representation of Women in Physics Education for the 21st Century will focus on the recruitment and retention of women into our existing physics education programs as well as the development of novel and effective means to improve the retention of teachers once they have begun their professional careers.

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