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Our current education program has a series of courses starting at the 200 level in which students are sent out to observe and also do at least one or two lessons in a classroom. This also extends to special needs students in a different course. We strongly encourage our physics education students to TA introductory labs and also provide tutoring at the school's learning center. We save copies of a few select lab reports from the Physics 2 lab, the modern physics lab, and require them to take optics with lab. The collected reports become part of their portfolio demonstrating their ability to plan, construct, perform, and communicate a scientific study. A few faculty of our department meet with each student before they begin their student teaching to assess their readiness. Fredonia has also begun a masters in teaching program designed for graduates with science degrees who then decide they would like to teach. This is a very intensive one year program, which some undergraduates plan on doing after obtaining their dual major in physics and chemistry or some other science/math double major.