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The liberal arts curriculum at Chatham University supports the belief that a successful, productive individual possesses certain skills and understandings. They include the ability to inquire, analyze, and think critically; the ability to read, write and speak persuasively; the ability to understand numbers and statistics; a sense of history; an understanding of science; a sense of civilized values; an appreciation of the fine and performing arts; insight into other cultures, and study in depth that cuts across academic disciplines. In keeping with the educational philosophy and mission of Chatham University, the major goal of the Education Program of the college is to prepare students through this type of liberal arts education, to excel in the teaching profession. The education program pursues this goal through the provision of experiences that provide students with a complement of skills essential for productive work and decision making as professional educators.

The program is guided by the following convictions:

    * That narrow vision and intolerance can be overcome through an understanding of the realities presented by the liberal arts, and through the testing of ideas and methods;
    * That one must learn how to identify problems, evaluate evidence, and pursue solutions;
    * That one must learn to judge ideas critically and express them effectively;
    * That in pursuit of learning, imagination is as important and useful as reason.

Chatham University supports the proposition that a small liberal arts college, concerned with the intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and moral development of its students and offering an academic program of rigor and excellence provides a challenging and unparalleled educational experience. Chatham strives to maintain its uniqueness and distinctiveness as a college dedicated to the emerging and changing roles of women by recognizing and providing for the professional aspirations of its students within the context of a strong liberal arts tradition. These goals of the institution as a whole strongly support and complement the objectives of the educational program. As a professional preparation program at Chatham, the education sequence provides an important mechanism for individualized application of classroom experiences which heighten a student's use and understanding of a liberal arts education. Both the education department and the college as a whole are striving through their offerings and outlook to create the best curricular vehicle for Chatham's aims; a program which stresses broad interaction between its liberal arts curriculum and its professional program.