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The Calvin Physics Department, Education Department, and the Science Education Group work together and share the responsibility for preparing physics teachers.  In 1973, the Physics department introduced a hands-on physics course designed specifically for elementary education students.  We began a major revision of the course in 1994, resulting in the hands-on course "Physical and Earth Science for Elementary Education Students" that we now offer in cooperation with the Science Education Group.  We also offer a more advanced hands-on physics course for science minors who want to teach in elementary or middle school.  In 2001, we revised our calculus-based introductory sequence,  making sure that the needs of secondary education students were being met.  This included a full restructuring of our introductory labs.  We also worked with the college's Science Education Group to develop two methods courses for secondary education students:  "Communication and Learning in the Natural Sciences" and "Integration Methods and Pedagogies for Secondary Science Teachers."  We require all secondary-education physics minors and majors to take both these courses.