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PhysTEC Recruitment Grant Recipient

NWOSU is pleased to be a recipient of a 2014 PhysTEC Recruitment Grant!  All of the PhysTEC member institutions in Oklahoma have partnered in a concerted effort to recruit junior and senior high school students as well as undergraduate STEM majors into the teaching field.  In particular, OK PhysTEC member institutions will collaborate to increase the number of certified HS physics teachers statewide.  

OK PhysTEC members include:

  • East Central University (ECU)
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU) (lead OK PhysTEC institution)
  • Oklahoma State University (OSU) (a UTeach institution)
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU)

NWOSU’s Pre-Service Program

Northwestern Oklahoma State University has traditionally offered a Natural Science Education degree with an emphasis in biology.  We are happy to announce that beginning in the 2015-16 academic year, we are now offering three newly developed separate certification pathways: HS Biology, HS Chemistry and HS Physics.  While all of our secondary school science certification programs were tailored to meet existing institutional and accreditation requirements, core courses were in large part chosen to be commensurate with other successful PhysTEC programs.

NWOSU HS Physics Certification Program Requirements: (27 – 28 hrs)

  PHYS 1114*/1214*   -or-   PHYS 2114/2214 Introductory Physics

  PHYS 3013                   Classical Mechanics

  PHYS 4113                   Electricity & Magnetism

  PHYS 4413                   Modern Physics

  PHYS 4163**               Secondary Science Teaching: Methods & Instruction

  PHYS 3011                   Science Fair Judging (a service-learning course)

  PHYS                            6 credit hours of upper-level physics

Directed Electives: (31 hrs)

  MATH 2215/2315         Calculus sequence

  CMSC 1103                   Microcomputer Applications

  PHSC 3114                   Earth & Space Science

  BIOL 1224                    General Zoology

  CHEM 1115/1215         General Chemistry sequence

An additional 32 credit hours of education coursework must also be completed.

*If the algebra based sequence is completed (1114/1214) instead of the calculus based sequence (2114/2214), then candidates must complete the 2000-level bridging course (a calculus applications course)

**Candidates must be admitted into the education program before enrolling in this course

Campaigning for Physics Education:

PhysTEC supported efforts will market high school physics teaching as a viable career option among junior and senior high school students through promotional materials and site visits. Departments will be encouraged to promote high school science teaching as a rewarding and important career by supporting physics education speakers and disseminating PhysTEC program materials targeting undergraduate students. Grant funds will support bringing speakers to Oklahoma PhysTEC institutions to promote physics education careers among current undergraduate students. Faculty and undergraduate student travel to physics education events will also be supported.

Supplemental Files

  • Recruitment Plane (arrow)
    This plane is used as an inexpensive recruitment tools at HS and undergraduate events where prospective students are interacting with OK PhysTEC faculty.
  • Recruitment Plane (spade)
    This plane is used as an inexpensive recruitment tools at HS and undergraduate events where prospective students are interacting with OK PhysTEC faculty.

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