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The major components of our PhysTEC program are a TIR, an LA program, and a collaboration with Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM). 

Our LAs primarily assist with group activities in our Studio Physics classes, which are taken by nearly one-half of the students in our introductory physics courses. 

Penni Wallace, our TIR, is fully certified in ASIM lab activities and teaches a series of courses to provide our PhysTEC students with high school ASIM lab training. 

We have two programs that provide scholarships to physics majors seeking certification to teach HS physics.  The NSF-APEX program provides 10 two-year scholarships for physics students, while the NSF-Noyce program provides 21 scholarships for physics, chemistry, or math majors. 

The APEX program is a collaboration with Alabama A&M University that provides in-service training over a five-year period to more than one-fifth of practicing physics teachers in Alabama. 

Another component of APEX, led by Dennis Sunal in the College of Education, involves research on the status of HS physics teaching in Alabama and the impact of APEX training on classroom teaching and learning.


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