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Established 70 years ago, Oranim is among the leading Academic Colleges of Education in Israel, granting Bachelor and Master degrees and teaching certificates.  The College has 5,500 students from across the country and grants undergraduate and graduate degrees in: Education and Teaching, Social Science & Humanities, and Sciences.

The Science Faculty in conjunction with Haifa University, grants B.Sc. degrees in Biology; and Math, Physics, and Computer Science.

The Graduate Studies Faculty offers 8 Masters degrees including the M.Ed. in Mathematics and Science Education for primary teachers and M.Ed in Science Education for secondary teachers in five areas: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Science & Technology

Oranim’s programs for pre-service and in-service teachers educate 40% of all science teachers in Israel.

Many graduates continue to advanced degrees and training in Israel and abroad. Graduates are in demand in all fields and disciplines in education, technology, science and industry.   

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