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Missouri colleges and universities graduate one physics major with teacher certification each year. The UMR Physics Department has  
graduated five of these since 1998. All of our students received a full-featured BS in physics, rather than a BA with a handful of physics courses.

In 2004, the department realized that one of the main obstacles to graduating BS physics majors with teaching certificates is the number of credit hours required to fulfill both BS requirements and certification requirements, and designed a program under which an undergraduate can receive a BS in physics, with all the courses a student at any of the top universities in the country would take, along with all the courses required for teacher certification, in about 145 hours. As a result of this re-design, we now have five physics majors in the Teacher Education program.

The Physics Department's goal is to graduate three BS students with teaching certificates per year. This goal can be achieved by early and personalized contact with potential students, scholarships to help overcome the credit hour burden, and a continuing emphasis on  providing the best research-oriented undergraduate physics education in Missouri.