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Boston University had a comprehensive PhysTEC grant that ran from 2011-2014.  BU is currently in the second phase of the program, sustaining it through internal funding from 2014-2017. The Department of Physics and the School of Education at Boston University collaborate on offering multiple programs for physics teacher licensure in the State of Massachusetts.

In 2015, BU graduated six high school physics teachers!

The project builds upon recently established efforts which include an internal BU grant, through which they have begun transformation of their two large introductory physics courses and a new 4-year track by which students can receive both a physics degree and teaching licensure.  The B.Sc. in Physics Teaching with Initial Licensure requires 32 credits of undergraduate physics or equivalent.  The Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Physics Teaching with Initial Licensure is a one year plus one summer program intended for applicants with a Bachelors degree in physics. As part of the MAT, the students are expected to take three additional graduate level courses in the Department of Physics.

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