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At Anderson University, the departments of Biology and Chemistry and Physics, in conjunction with the School of Education have shared in the creation of a new complementary major entitled Teach Science.  This major can only be combined with a catalog major of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics and can not stand alone to meet graduation requirements.  It offers science students all of the learning and practice experiences needed to meet the state requirements for teacher certification.  The
combination of a regular major in an area of science with this complementary major replaces all previous programs and descriptions such as primary and secondary teaching areas, and teaching majors and minors.

The development of this program is the result of concerted effort over the last two years to explore options for the preparation of science teachers.  A focus group of AU faculty, local public school science teachers, and public school administrators met to share ideas on building a program from the ground up.  The following program objectives and curriculum have been established:
  • Emphasis on Christ-like servant ways in the development of a professional educator strengthened by a liberal arts program.
  • Teaching as a mission to serve adolescents and young adults.
  • Students complete a traditional major in an area of science allowing them to pursue advanced study in science and/or education.
  • Unique combination of secondary school experiences and content area instruction.
  • Early opportunities for students who enjoy science to explore teaching as a potential career.
  • Enter the program at various points in an educational journey based on individual needs and circumstances.
  • Complete the entire degree and obtain state certification in secondary education in four years.

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