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The Physics Department at Boise State University is a partner in the IdoTeach program – a local replication of the UTeach curriculum.  Boise State was drawn to the UTeach model because of several factors that are consistent with PhysTec, including an emphasis on early teaching experiences, mentoring, and recruitment.  The model of students getting a degree in their preferred content area and also attaining an endorsement for secondary education is a powerful one.   Our strong belief in the importance of training high-quality physics teachers has drawn us to the utilizing PhysTec resources for recruiting physics secondary education students.   By supplementing the available PhysTec resources with the extant STEM education resources and programs at Boise State, we are working towards a large increase in numbers of prepared secondary education physics teachers,

Our recruiting approach include the following -

  Integrating secondary education student recruitment with a renewed department wide recruiting effort both within and outside the university

  Strengthen our bond with local community colleges and high school through visits that feature information on our secondary education program

  Provide modest financial incentives for students to try out and continue in the IdoTeach program

  Establishing a strong relationship between current and prospective students and an active Teacher-In-Residence

  Working more closely with other university programs that support STEM scholarships and learning assistant programs to provide secondary education majors strong opportunities in these efforts

As the largest university in Idaho with a total enrollment of nearly 23,000 students located in the population center of Idaho, we believe that we can significantly contribute to the PhysTec goal of providing more and better physics teachers.

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