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Physics course for prospective elementary teachers

This course is required of education undergraduates.  The course uses McDermott's Physics by Inquiry as well as materials we have developed for Lab-Aids and the on-line courses. It's very much a hands-on inquiry course, held in a laboratory style room.

Online courses for middle school teachers

These are hands-on online physical science courses for elementary and middle school teachers based on engaging classroom activities. Teachers work at their own sites, and at their own pace, with a kit of inexpensive materials. Graduate credit is available.

Under development are four corresponding classroom kits that are being marketed by LabAids, Inc. There are now 4 modules: Investigating Light, Color and Spectrum, Reflection and Refraction, and Force and Motion.


The Physics Zoo, a set of hands-on stations, goes out to schools, libraries, and other public places in Lexington, KY region.