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Science Teacher Preparation Program

The Physics Department is committed to quality science teacher education at all levels.

For students majoring in Elementary Education the department offers the Concepts of Science course. This course used CPU pedagogy in the past but starting fall 2006, the PET (Physics for Elementary Teachers) curriculum developed by Physics Education group at San Diego State will be used.

The Astronomy and Space Science courses in the department have a large population of education majors. Both these courses have a mandatory service learning component. This requirement consists of organizing field trips for local elementary and middle school children. The students enrolled in this class get a unique opportunity to design and develop planetarium shows and hands on activities pertaining to the topics requested by the school teachers.

Teacher Certification in Physics is obtained through a joint 5-year program offered by the Physics Department and the College of Education.   Students in this program earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from the Physics Department and a Master of Education degree (accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, Middle States Association, and Pennsylvania Department of Education) in the College of Education.   The Physics faculty is committed to provide a solid foundation in physics using contemporary pedagogy.  Physics Education students have opportunities in the Department to use their creativity and physics knowledge in activities such as: teacher workshops, CPU curriculum development and dissemination, and other outreach activities.  

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