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Western Kentucky University (WKU) was selected to receive one of the National Math and Science Initiative awards to relicate the UTeach program for math and science teacher preparation. SKyTeach is the name for the WKU replication of UTeach. Through the SKyTeach program the Physics and Astronomy Department offers the following physics teacher certification options:

  • B.S. in Physics with certification to teach High School Physics in Kentucky and cooperating states; and
  • M.A.E with a minor in Physics, including 2-year alternative route to certification program.

The department also contributes to middle school science certification for science teachers.

The WKU Physics & Astronomy Department has overhauled or created new pedagogically innovative courses for pre-service science teachers --  "Physics for Middle School Teachers" (via Physics By Inquiry), "Physics for Teachers", "Astronomy for Teachers", and "Classroom Applications of Physics Education Research".

Our department has worked to provide Alternative Route to Teacher Certification and other initiatives to assist non-traditional prospective physics teachers.

Each year we host multiple professional development workshops; incorporating pre-service and in-service teachers, building skills and content knowledge for out-of-area science teachers. We also offer numerous K-12 competitions, contests, and opportunities to exhibit science skills and knowledge; which incorporate pre-service teachers as one way for them to work with young pupils.

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