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1. MSP-Start: Science and Math Applied Real-problem Teaching (SMART), $299,012, National Science Foundation, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2012:

     This grant developed a network of high schools and science museums working closely with Adelphi University to improve science and math teaching in area high schools.  As an integral part of the program, current science and math teachers, as well as Adelphi science and math education students, were given a specially-designed course to improve their use of problem-based education.  The course was part of an annual summer institute.  This program continues to be successful, with two of the three original high schools still directly using the components developed, and many of the students trained using the methods in their classrooms.

2. The Opportunity Program (TOP), $620,000, National Science Foundation, 2007-2012:

     This grant recruited and trained science students who showed academic excellence but who were financially challenged, focusing on recruiting students from underrepresented groups.  The program included individual mentoring and other programs for the students.  While the students did not need to have plans to teach, the fraction of the students in the program who went into teaching was well above the average of the science departments overall, including several physics education students.  Partially due to that program, we had six students in that class become physics teachers, the highest number we have achieved in any year to date.  

3. Science outreach: Adelphi university hosts events with local high schools to give them a hands on learning experience. 

4. Departmental Innovation center with numerous physics education projects.

     Developing of a demonstration for museums and high school students explaining the science behind smell.

     Developing of an "EKG" vector lab for visiting high school students

     Developing of a "speed of light" measurement for visiting high school students.