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Professors of our Department offer teacher workshops at different locations of Puerto Rico and they also present talks for students and teachers at schools. We organize public events on campus and encourage students and teachers to participate.

The Department has been involved in making astronomy accessible for persons with visual impairments. In April 2013 Dr. Pantoja directed the EdD dissertation of Dr. G. Isidro entitled: “An Accessibility Model of Mathematical Concepts Applied to the Descriptive Astronomy Course for Students with Visual Impairments at the University of Puerto Rico”.

The Department of Physics of the Natural Sciences Faculty collaborates with the Education Faculty, and each semester students from the courses EDES4037 (Comunication in Education of the Visually Impaired or Blind) and the course EDES4040 (Braille with Contractions) of Prof. J. Álvarez visit the Astronomy Lab to learn about strategies for teaching science to the blind and visually impaired.

The Department makes use of social media to facilitate information about Physics, Astronomy and Science to the general public in Puerto Rico. Dr. Isidro and Dr. Pantoja have a blog that describes different accessible resources in science education. The Department maintains a Facebook page which is called Mucarita Astrofisica which allows us to announce activities, answer questions, and share information about science with students, teachers and the general public.

We do not currently have a physics teacher education program. We have been discussing the idea and at this point we are gathering the required information to understand the requirements of such an effort, and what additional resources we may need. 

Supplemental Links

  • Blog with Resources for Blind
    This Blog contains information of our work in making Astronomy accessible for the Blind and Visually Impaired (maintained by Dr. G. Isidro)
  • International Year of Astronomy 2009
    This is an archive site of the outreach activities and education materials created  by professors in  the Department of Physics (UPR-RP) and of the Physical Sciences Faculty (UPR-RP) (maintained by Dr.  C. Pantoja)