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Approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the physics majors we have graduated in the past 15 years are now high-school physics teachers.  We have a MA state-approved undergraduate teacher education program that leads to initial licensure; this is based on our Physics B.A.  We are currently working with our School of Education to leverage its innovative 1 year M.Ed. fellowship program; we feel this may be superior to the traditional undergraduate model with regard to recruiting future teachers our "best and brightest" and preparing them with regard to both physics content and teaching methods.  Since September 2014 we have been teaching all our introductory physics courses in an integrated interactive format (inspired by both "studio physics" and "SCALE-UP").  This would be a fantastic opportunity for physics majors to help out (and learn) as "learning assistants" and we are interested in building a learning assistant program.  Currently we graduate on the order of 1 physics major per year; we would like in the next few years to grow this to 3-4 majors per year (with 1-2 of those becoming high-school physics teachers).