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  • Due to the PhysTEC project we have engaged many different faculty across departments and colleges, including physics, engineering, and education. One major outcome was a clearly articulated path for licensure for students earning a BA in physics. Another major outcome was the development of a new pathway to licensure through the College of Engineering ACCelerated Engineering Degree (ACCEND program). In this program students earn both a BS in engineering as well as a physics (or math) teaching license.
  • We have also begun the building of a network of many teachers through the Tri-State Physics Teachers group (>70 now involved). The lays the foundation for future partnerships with corresponding schools.


  • The physics and engineering degree programs as well as the physics licensure program are heavy in credit hours. It has been challenging working together to put together a manageable program of study that meets the needs of all players for both the content degree and the teaching license.


  • We will continue to meet regularly and review these programs. In addition, some programs, such as ACCEND, require the students to have two advisors across two colleges. This helps to support continual communication and collaboration.

Lessons Learned

  • Working with others across colleges takes time so one must start early.


  • The development of pathways to licensure through the ACCEND program as well as a BA physics degree program.