The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site University of Cincinnati: Early Teaching Experience


  • Through our Tri-State Physics Teachers group we have identified a handful of teachers that are willing to have students that are interested in high school physics teaching spend a day with them.
  • We have extended our LA program to include more recitations and lectures than in previous terms.


  • Although students enjoy serving in the role of an LA, none of our LAs from this past year have yet to express an interest in high school teaching. A few have indicated they are interested in college teaching, but not high school.


  • We are currently seeking funding to continue the LA program beyond the three-year grant period.

Lessons Learned

  • Until the LA program gets well established, we need to implement a more robust recruitment plan.


  • Students serve as learning assistants in our algebra- and calculus-based lectures and recitations.