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  • The Teacher in Residence collaborated with the Department of Middle and Secondary Education (MSE) to take on duties to oversee student teaching for physics undergraduates.
  • The PhysTEC PI served on a search committee in MSE for open rank tenure track faculty member. Search resulted in hiring of a tenured associate professor in science education.
  • The project made connections with Georgia Tech's Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) to arrange future visits and presentations regarding physics teaching careers.
  • There are excellent working relationships between the Physics & Astronomy and Middle and Secondary Education departments in co-advising of physics majors on the teacher preparation track.
  • The PI from Physics & Astronomy serves on the Professional Education Council (PEC), which is the oversight committee for the Professional Education Faculty (PEF), which oversees all teacher education programs at GSU. He also serves on Field Experiences Committee.


  • The loss of the PhysTEC team member from MSE made collaboration with existing courses and programs in the College of Education more difficult. New relationships with programs such as AFT and course such as the science education methods courses are being developed.
  • Since having a TIR in physics was a new situation, there were many new things to figure out regarding requirements for being a supervisor for student teachers, trainings for new evaluation (edTPA), and reimbursement of expenses for travel to schools.


  • The hiring of a new faculty member in science education should strengthen the collaborations between the Physics & Astronomy and Middle and Secondary Education departments.

Lessons Learned

  • The difference in the cultures between science and education can create barriers even when collaboration is desired by both.


  • Meeting of undergraduate adviser in Physics and associate chair in MSE with physics majors in education concentration to advise them.
  • Participation of TIR in trainings for student teacher supervision.
  • Participation of PI in PEC and PEF committees.