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  • The first year TIR mentored pre-service teachers, including meetings with students considering teaching careers.
  • The TIR observed three pre-service teachers while they were doing student teaching in high school physics classrooms. She met with the pre-service teachers for feedback, evaluated their portfolios and other required work, and assigned grades for their student teaching course.
  • The TIR participated in two regional conferences of SACS-AAPT and gave an oral presentation at the spring meeting.
  • The TIR will give oral presentation at Summer AAPT meeting in Minneapolis in July 2014.


  • The part-time schedule of TIR limited involvement in some PhysTEC activities.
  • The limited time schedule made informal or drop-in interactions with future teachers and potential future teachers difficult.
  • The College of Education has committed to find support for the TIR after the grant period and work is still needed to ensure follow through on this commitment.
  • The logistics of hiring and supporting a TIR required a lot of work since many of the details were new occurrences including consultant contract, paying expenses, acquiring ID card, and parking.


  • The TIR will get an individual office in Fall 2014, which will assist in visibility and accessibility to students.
  • Connections between TIR and College of Education colleagues have been established.

Lessons Learned

  • For a part-time TIR, the number of hours is not as much of a problem as the lack of flexibility in the schedule.

List of TIRs over the Project

  • 2013-2014: Elizabeth Walker - over 20 years of experience as a physics teacher at North Cobb High School.

Finding and Hiring a TIR

  • A College of Education colleague involved in work with in-service teachers was vital to finding the first TIR.
  • The current TIR plays a large role in finding next TIR.

Typical TIR Activities

  • TIR supervises student teaching of physics majors in teacher education concentration.
  • TIR participates in a number of recruitment activities especially classroom visits to freshman classes.
  • TIR attends and assists with physics pedagogy course.
  • TIR participates in development of recruitment brochures and posters.