Supported SiteSupported Site James Madison University: Teacher-in-Residence


  • Based largely on interest and expertise of the TIR, we received a $235k Virginia Math and Science Partnership grant to support Modeling Instruction training for in-service teachers.
  • As the inaugural TIR, Joseph Mahler enthusiastically initiated many of the TIR roles from scratch.


  • Incorporating the TIR more broadly within the Department of Physics & Astronomy.


  • There is institutional commitment to support TIR position for three years beyond the life of the grant.

Lessons Learned

  • An energetic and self-motivated TIR can make significant progress in establishing practices.

List of TIRs over the Project

  • 2013-2014: Joseph Mahler - With 12 years experience teaching high school, most recently at St. Catherine's in Richmond, VA, Joe is active in statewide teacher organizations and Modeling Instruction.

Finding and Hiring a TIR

  • As an institution in a rural region, the pool of potential applicants is somewhat limited, but word of mouth and a statewide Virginia Instructors of Physics listserv has been most effective.

Typical TIR Activities

  • Supervising LAs.
  • Participating in pedagogy course.
  • Supervising practicum experiences.
  • Mentoring students through College of Education coursework.
  • Working on VA MSP grant proposal (based on personal interest) .