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  • There were three recruiting-interviewing-acceptance cycles in Spring 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014. In each case we received 11 - 20 applications from qualified students for 4-6 open positions. We interviewed all of the applicants. We would have accepted more students as LAs if we had more funding and working tasks for them.


  • No specific recruiting challenges.
  • We should develop a "career path" for LAs after their first two semesters of service so that they can teach in other venues.
  • We have to build a smoother path to guide some LAs into a Physics Education program.


  • No specific sustainability efforts at this time. The Physics Department and the NCSU STEM initiative have been supportive of the project and provided extra funding for the program and for more LAs.

Lessons Learned

  • Recruiting is a year-round task.


  • The project is listed on the Physics Department website. The NCSU student newspaper ran an article on the NCSU PhysTEC project. The academic deans and advisors in the Colleges of Sciences and Engineering have been very helpful in spreading the word about our recruiting for Learning Assistants. Most of the advertising for the PhysTEC program is done electronically through emails and the Physics PhysTEC pages.
  • In the PY 299/599 course the LAs are repeatedly made aware of the possibility and opportunity of teaching high school physics. The co-instructor for PY 299/599 is a faculty member in the Department of STEM Education and the advisor for secondary science teaching students. She advises LAs on education course opportunities and how to structure their curriculum to work towards a major in Science Education.