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Montclair State University was founded as a normal school, and we maintain a proud tradition of training future educators. We offer a BS degree in Physics, with concentrations in Astronomy and teacher certifications in Physics and Physical Science. We also have two 5-year BS Physics/MS degree programs: one yields an MS in Mathematics, the other an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. 

Research areas in our department focuses on astrophysics, gravitational waves and LIGO (theory and experiment), optics, fluid mechanics, biophysics, complex systems, and science education research. We are also heavily involved in public outreach activities.

We are continuing to improve our programs in several ways. This includes: a complete revision of our core physics curriculum, a renovation of all our lab spaces, and increased emphasis on recruitment and retention. Given the need for physics teachers in New Jersey, and our university's historical emphasis on teacher training, we are especially focused on recruiting students interested in becoming future physics teachers. As PhysTEC members we are exploring funding opportunities to increase our enrollments and further improve our programs. Membership also helps keep us more in tune with other efforts in the physics teacher education community.

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