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The physics program at Montclair is housed in the Mathematical Sciences department. Our school was founded as a normal school and we maintain a proud tradition of training future educators. BS degrees in mathematics and physics with teacher certifications in math or physics are offered in our department.

However, we wish to improve our efforts in the following ways: general reforms in our overall physics program (new course sequence, better labs, improved instructional techniques) and additional recruitment to our major. Given the need for physics teachers in New Jersey, and our department's already very strong program in training mathematics teachers, an obvious avenue for us to pursue is to focus on recruiting students interested in becoming future physics teachers. While we have a teacher certification program in this area, very few of our majors are enrolled in it. As PhysTEC members, we plan to apply for a recruitment grant to increase enrollment in our physics teacher certification program. Our first goal will be to target our physics, math, and chemistry majors. PhysTEC membership will also keep us more in tune with other efforts in the physics teacher education community.